Form 4: Mak Yaun Jong ~ (Wooden Dummy)

Mak Yaun Jong (Wooden Dummy) Wing Chun Form:


Mak Yaun Jong Portable Dummy and Stationary Dummy:



Mak Yaun Jong uses a wooden dummy with simulated arms and a leg to combine all of the previous Wing Chun forms into one form which teaches the student to move around the wooden dummy as water moves gracefully around any obstacle.  It serves as an intermediate between the first three “hand” forms and the experience of competing against an actual live opponent.


Here is Ip Chun demonstrating Mak Yaun Jong:


Here is my interpretation of Mak Yaun Jong performed in slow-motion with typed narrative for explanation first, then at normal playback speed at the end of the video:


Here is me performing the form called Mak Yaun Jong on a punching bag with a Wing Chun “Attachmate ©.”  The bag was stabilized so that it would not swing or swivel too much: