Form 1: Sai Nim [Lim] Tao ~(Little Idea)

Sai Nim Tao is a form that helps one become centered physically and emotionally as well as cognitively.  When practicing this form one should practice in front of a mirror focusing one’s eyes on one’s own solar plexus, which is just below the chest in the center where the diaphragm can be accessed by a forceful strike.  By focusing on this particular point of an opponent you are able to discern the movement of the entire body If your opponent is going to punch you with his right hand, his right shoulder can be seen moving toward you in your peripheral vision.  Likewise, if your opponent is going to kick you with his left leg and foot the left hip can be seen moving toward you in your peripheral vision.  Sai Nim Tao places the student into a meditative state of mindfulness which prepares the student for the other forms or for competition.



Here is a video of Ip Chun performing traditional Sai Nim Tao:




Here is me demonstrating traditional Sai Lim Tao:



My OWN interpretation of Sai Nim Tao only has a couple of differences from Traditional Sai Nim Tao #1.  Instead of performing a Huen-Sao in which you roll your wrist and hand upward and TOWARD your body to (theoretically) redirect a punch, I roll my wrist the opposite direction so that if someone has grabbed and “locked” my wrist after I implemented a punch or other strike, I roll my wrist and hand upward and AWAY from my body until my hand is in the position of holding a teacup, then I spill the teacup (an Eight Animal Kung Fu concept) thereby not only breaking my opponent’s grasp on my wrist, but actually reversing the situation so that now I have hold of my opponent’s wrist#2.  I added the Pak-Sao blocks to the form because these blocks (along with Fak-Sao blocks) are probably the best default blocking method to use in Wing Chun due to the universal (varied) applications of these blocks.

Here is me performing my OWN interpretation of Sai Nim Tao:


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