Form 3: Biu Tze [Jee] ~ (Thrusting Fingers)

Biu Tze is the last of the three forms that are taught without the use of a wooden dummy.  It is sometimes referred to as an “emergencyform because it involves a lot of eye thrusts (gouging) and in some cases testicular attacks.  It also demonstrates how to break out of choke holds and other neck holds.


Here is Ip Chun demonstrating traditional Biu Tze:


Me demonstrating traditional Biu Tze:


My OWN Interpretation of Biu Tze is combined with the Dragon-Snake style of Eight Animal Kung Fu, and since Biu Tze is sometimes referred to as an “emergencyform, I included an “MMA Mount Escape” (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) for an emergency situation when someone has pinned you to the floor and is “jack-hammering (punching) your face (This is when your opponent has “mounted” you and is therefore called the “Mount Position“), and how to “somersault” backwards when someone “bull-rushes” you to knock you down in an attempt to pin you.  Note There are other ways to deal with someone “bull-rushing” you such as dropping an elbow down hard upon the center of the opponent’s skull thereby causing a cervical fracture (lethal), dropping your elbow down between his shoulder blades (scapula) which is a lot less lethal but very painful, or kicking the opponent in whichever part of the opponent’s body is most opportune.  You can also “tripod” outward such that your upper body is leaning toward your opponent who has grabbed you down low on your body such as your waist or legs while you spread your feet out wide in the opposite direction (away from your opponent), but this tends to precipitate a wrestling match which is probably NOT a situation that you want to put yourself in.  Here is my OWN “Dragon-Snake” interpretation of Biu Tze:


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