Form 2: Cham [Chum] Kiu ~ (Bridging the Gap)


Cham Kiu is the form that teaches you how to “close the gap” between you and your opponent by moving toward your opponent.  Wing Chun is a form of close-range contact fighting, so the goal is to get as close to your opponent as possible.  By doing so, your opponent will not be able to see what your planned attack is, however, you will also not be able to see what your opponent’s planned attack is, so you need to develop an intuitive perception of when, where, and how you will be attacked, and simultaneously you must instinctively react with a combination of a block and a counterattack which ideally occur at the very same time.  “Sticky Hands” (Sticky Hands Drill on YouTube) & “Sticky Feet” practical drills will help you develop this intuition and instinctive response. Cham Kiu emphasizes kicking your opponent’s leading leg (knee) while stepping toward your opponent and blocking any upper body attacks with a block called the “Bong-Sau” (Bong-Sao Drills).


Here is a video of Ip Chun performing traditional Cham Kiu:



Here is me demonstrating traditional Cham Kiu:



In my OWN interpretation of Cham Kiu I emphasize kicking your opponent’s leading knee, then stepping in with a Bong-Sao to protect your upper body from an attack; this would be an opportune time to counterattack with fist-strikes to your opponent’s head or whichever part of your opponent’s upper body is available for attack.

Here is my OWN interpretation of Cham Kiu:


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